Text 11 May Favorite Chemistry Things

Answering the call of Chemjobber’s Favorite Things About Chemistry, here’s my list:

10. Parafilm (for sealing reagent containers — love how it stretches and conforms).

 9. My Chemis-Tree that I set up every year at Christmas time decorated with molecular models and periodic table squares for ornaments.  Benzene is the star on the tree.  :)

 8. My 350 mL beaker coffee mug.

 7. A UV/Vis (or any instrument) calibration curve with r^2 > 0.99999.

 6. Spotlessly clean glassware.

 5. Ependorf pipettes (bulb + glass pipettes != fun!).

 4. The thermite reaction (wikipedia) and grain elevator explosion simulation.

 3. Tiny glassware.

 2. Pilot extra-fine V-Ball Black pens (for labbook documentation).

 1. Molecular model sets — the chemist’s Lego’s!

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